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The Karuna Massage

This is a massage customized for what you and your body need. The focus is on relaxation with deep work built in where needed. A variety of modalities (Swedish, myofascial release, stretching, deep tissue, trigger point) are utilized based upon the type of massage experience that is right for you. You will receive a massage tailored specifically for you, whether you just want to relax, or need to address some painful areas – or a little bit of both!

$65 – 1 hour          $90 – 1.5 hours
$120 – 2 hours


Hot Stones

Hot stones are a wonderful way to allow for deeper work. If you have some areas that are extremely tight, stones can be of great benefit in helping muscle tissue heat up, open up, and loosen up more quickly and easily. Additionally, they feel great!

$10 per session



Aromatherapy involves the addition of essential oils during your massage session. Essential oils can be dispensed into the air through a diffuser or mixed with massage oils and lotions to be applied directly to your skin. At Karuna Massage we will typically have an essential oil or blend available as an option via the diffuser. Essential oils for use during your massage are an additional option that can be discussed during intake.**



**NOTE: If you have any specific allergies, please be sure to note this in your intake information. We want to be sure that the therapy room is an inviting place for everyone!